Become a Provider

This page describes how to create a lighthouse and become a provider in the Robonomics network.

Prepare an address

First of all, an Ethereum address is required. You must have access to a private key of the address. In case you don’t have one, below are steps to create an address via Parity.

$ sudo snap install parity
$ parity.ethkey generate random
secret:  15abe71557c07b69537bbe4352ed10a057be89037c69d4b35556112519911539
public: 38b800bfd90d486c78c646da79bb94b9d038aca8aad221062ce1b148df7764bfef02f6b3cf931786b6997540b798ea226ae60bd201c222d8f702e408a1a5cbff
address: c531fa8f141493df3da264a864bdcbec19695b4c

The secret field is a private key, you’ll need it to run the provider client. Save it to a file:

$ echo '0x15abe71557c07b69537bbe4352ed10a057be89037c69d4b35556112519911539' > private.key

The next step is to deposit some ethers and XRT tokens to the address which is held in the address field.

Create a lighthouse

Go to the lighthouse dapp and fill in a name in the right side:

The Right Side

Click on the Create lighthouse and connect to the network button and sign a transaction. After a while you should see:

Success of Creating a Lighthouse

Now it’s time to put a stake. Select the new lighthouse and click Connect to the network:

Selecting the Lighthouse

On this page in the Provider section click the Approve button, sign a transaction. When it’s mined click the Refill button and do the same.

Install the client

You must install robonomics-tools at least 0.4.2. version. You can build from the source or do the following steps:


Make sure you have Nix and Stack installed:

$ curl -sSL | sh
$ curl | sh
  • Setup Airalab binary cache at

  • Import Airalab channel:

    $ nix-channel --add aira
    $ nix-channel --update
  • Install from the binary cache:

    $ nix-env -iA aira.robonomics-tools
  • Run the client:

    $ xrtd --lighthouse mobilerobotics.lighthouse.5.robonomics.eth --private $(cat private.key)


Get familiar with the xrtd options via xrtd --help